Something About Nothing

I don’t seem to have added anything to my blog at the moment, but quite truthfully nothing has happened worth mentioning.  Oh yes, I have attacked the Wii a few times, well several times, actually, and I seem to be getting better at various things.  I have also completed another short story, which I will send off to a woman’s magazine this coming week.  I have also added some words to my novel,, but nothing exciting has happened, if you see what I mean.  

The mention of my novel has reminded me of a dilemma I am in.  I can’t make up my mind how to write/word the title.  Should it be or would it look better if it read Divorcees dot com?  I have commented on this to a few folks and no one can agree.  Some think I should go with the former, Internet wording, while others say I should spell it out.  Any suggestions from all you folks out there would be appreciated.  When I first decided on the title, which was before I had even thought about what to write, I went for  Perhaps I should stick with my gut instinct.

 Well it seems I have managed to write a few words about nothing after all.  I seem to be getting good at this, must make it a hobby of mine.

Next Tuesday is haircut day.  More on that next week.

 Hope your week has been filled with joy.



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