Pleasant Evening

On Friday evening we went to a gathering in our friend’s garden for a few drinks.  It had been a very hot day, so I think everyone welcomed the cooler evening.  I certainly did!  My poor feet had swollen during the day and by the time it came to get changed, I found I couldn’t get any shoes on.  Nothing would fit.  Anyway, not to be miss out, I went to the ‘do’ in a pair of slip-on slippers.  At one time, they were rather nice, as they have golden coloured sequins on the upper.  However, they are getting on a bit and some of the sequins are missing now.  Not to mention the stains of several liquids that had been spilled on them.  Oh! and the soles are drifting apart from the uppers!  Nevertheless, I wore them to the do.  They must have gone down okay, as we are invited to another do this afternoon!

Might have a trip to Newcastle tomorrow.  I’m not sure at the moment, as it involves getting out of bed a little earlier; the city is some 70 miles away from here.  But I do love going there, so I might be swayed.  Wait and see!

Well I guess I had better get back to see what my divorcees have been up to, while I have been playing around with another short story for a magazine.

Have a good day!



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