Moans and More Moans

I still haven’t been to Newcastle. How sad is that? I love looking around the shops in the city, but for one reason or another, I haven’t been able to make it. Hopefully I will get there soon otherwise the whole city is going to wonder where I am! They have got to be missing me darting around the shops trying to fit everything into one visit.

I am trying to re-edit another story to sent to Take a Break. I have a few submissions there at the moment, so my fingers are crossed. However, knowing my luck, they will all come winging back together. I have read several copies of the magazine, and I have re-read several copies of the magazine, and I still don’t know what is so different about my stories to the ones they publish. However, there must be something, as I am still trying to bend the Fiction Editor’s ear. But I haven’t given up yet. It is such a shame that The Lady stopped publishing short fiction, as I had been writing for them in a freelance capacity for some time.

My husband still hasn’t managed to control his diabetes. He has to keep ringing the Diabetic Dept giving his readings, and they then up the dose, but so far he still has a problem. No doubt it will sort itself out soon – but when??

Yesterday I had another session on the Wii and I think that is the only positive thing in my life this week, as the results are getting better. Truthfully, I quite enjoy it, so I think I will go and have another try now.

Take care all and have a good day.



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