Strange Thoughts

When I awoke this morning, I lay for a while deciding whether I wanted to get up or not.  Suddenly, I heard the sound of my pulse.  It was a pulse beating in my ear!  Do we have a pulse in our ears?  Anyway, back to the point.  On the positive side, it was a good steady rhythm, which I was delighted with considering, until I thought it missed a beat, before starting off again.  Then it did it again.  Still lying there, I put my fingers to my neck to check out my heartbeat, but I couldn’t feel a thing.  So I lay there and thought about it some more.  There had to be an answer.

 Could I have passed away in the night?  Should I shake my husband and ask him whether I was really talking to him or not?  Or – this one is good – when I got out of bed, would I turn around and still see myself lying there?  Eventually, I realised I was letting my imagination run away with me and got out of bed.  Nevertheless, I did turn around and give a quick glance at where I had been lying.  Of course I wasn’t still there.  All I can say is that while these thoughts were running through my mind, I didn’t panic – on the other hand, what on earth would have been the point? 

 As you can tell from the fact I am writing this, I am still alive and kicking.  I am also writing this with a glass of wine at hand.  Yes, life is hard, but wine certainly helps.

 There has got to be a story in there somewhere.

 Have a good weekend.



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