Catch Up – Well, sort of…

Before I write anything else, can I just mention that both my novels, The Trojan Project an action packed thriller and Divorcees.Biz are at a very low price on Kindle at Amazon at the moment. And I really mean low!  I’m not sure how long the offer will last, so if you are looking for a novel which will either keep you on the edge of your seat or one that will make you smile, then make your choice and download a copy right now.


I am sometimes asked why I decided to write the two novels in completely different genres. Most writers stick to one genre.  Well the answer to that is, I really don’t know. The best I can come up with was that when I decided to write The Trojan Project, I wanted to write something that would grab everyone’s attention. Something that would make the reader gasp and keep them glued to the edge of their seat.  I say glued to the edge of their seat here as I didn’t want anyone falling off their chair and needing medical attention.


However, when I came to writing the second novel, I felt I wanted to write something completely different. Something light-hearted, something which would make the reader feel good and relax and even make them smile. I must add here that I thoroughly enjoyed writing about the four women in Divorcees.Biz. Especially Sadie, the scatty one. She is a bit like me – grown up but not yet really got to grips with it. But then aren’t we all a little bit like that deep down?


Okay, so I have given my novels a little bit more than a mention. But you will understand that these two books took me some time to write and now, looking back, they are a real part of my life. They are me.


Sooo… moving on, you will be delighted to know that my friend and I managed to get to Newcastle last Monday. I can’t remember the last time we were there as my husband has been so poorly. I have really missed our visits to that wonderful city.  The only trouble was that because we hadn’t been there for so long, the time passed too quickly. Going on the bus from Jedburgh saves a a great deal of hassle with traffic and parking and everything else that spoils a trip anywhere. But it does mean that you have to watch the clock. There is only one bus per day and if you miss it, then you are stuck there until the next day.  Nevertheless, it is good fun day out and we did make time for our liquid lunch in the M&S Deli Bar Gosh it wouldn’t be the same without stopping off in the M&S Deli Bar. The staff there are so friendly and it is wonderful sitting there on the bar stools, sipping a glass of wine and watching the world go by.


Apart from my trip to Newcastle, my husband had three medical appointments last week, so that meant we couldn’t really plan to do anything else on those three days. Isn’t it amazing, some weeks we have nothing going on, no appointments etc., and then along comes a week when we can’t do anything else but visit the hospital, doctor’s surgery or clinic.


This morning was coffee morning at our social club. My husband gave it a miss, but I decided to go and catch up with all the local news. However, there wasn’t much news going around this week. But the club did have three events to promote running up to Christmas, so we all have something to look forward to.


My laptop is giving me trouble. It seems to freeze up when I want to do anything. I have no idea what is wrong with it, but I have given it a verbal warning. Any more messing me around and it will be joining my last laptop in the land of unusable computers – the council recycling dump. I will keep you posted. If it the reprimand works, then I will hire myself out to people whose computers need a good talking to!!


I called this post ‘Catch Up’, as I thought I could bring you up to speed on the week’s events. But it seems I don’t really have much to catch up on as I thought I had. Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough


But, as always have a good day




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